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     Welcome to my "fancy website".  My school, like many others, does provide a lovely school-wide website, but not one specific to our classrooms.  Therefore, I created this site as a resource for my students and their families to utilize throughout our year together. Here you can view my Parent Survival Guide, reprint book report instructions, and find other very helpful information. 

     Also included is our Challenge Club list, which contains links to websites where students can find information to be quizzed on at school.  You should be aware that I do most of my updating during the summer months, so it is possible that some of the Challenge Club links will become inactive during the school year.  If you find such a link, please let me know so that I may update it in a timely manner.    

Bless you all,

Miss Wright

PS ~  If you are a teacher and choose to borrow any of the information or activities on this website, particularly downloading and using documents, please be certain to credit this website as your source.  My sincere thanks to you.  :-)

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